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Cook For a Month in One Weekend

If you don’t have time to cook but can’t afford to order out every night, consider once-a-month cooking to fill your freezer with nutritious food that you can grab and heat. For a weekend of work, you can enjoy a month of no-hassle dinners.

Prepare Your Space

Cooking 30 meals in one or two day takes space, both on your counter, in your refrigerator and in your oven. Start by thoroughly cleaning out all major kitchen appliances Rockville MD. Throw out anything with ice crystals from your freezer. Clean any baked-on food from your oven. Clear off and sanitize your countertops.

Choose Your Recipes

Although you can certainly cobble together recipes from various locations, it’s more efficient if you let an expert handle the overall planning. There are plenty of websites and cookbooks such as Once-a-Month Cooking and Seriously Good Freezer Meals that you can use to help you choose your meals. These cooking experts can help guide you towards foods that freeze well and proteins that once cooked can be used in a variety of dishes.

Make Your Shopping List

Check your cabinets to make sure you have plenty of the basics like oil and seasonings. Creating a spreadsheet on the computer will help you determine how much of everything you need to purchase minus what you already own. Don’t overbuy or it defeats the purpose of saving money. Don’t underbuy or it defeats the purpose of saving time because you’ll have to go back to the grocery store for missing items.

Start Prepping

Prep work for 30 dinners is going to take a while, so plan a day to just do this. Enlist the help of others who can chop and measure and label ingredients.

Get Cooking

The fun begins when you get to see fruits of your labor bagged or boxed and stacked in your freezer. Label everything carefully and include heating instructions.

Post your menu on the fridge. As you clean up your very messy kitchen, imagine the days when a healthy dinner is always only 2-3 steps away from being ready.


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