Where To Place Exterior Lighting

You might think that there isn’t much to putting exterior lighting around your house, but there’s actually a lot more to it than you think. Putting exterior lighting in the wrong places can make the lighting a lot less useful than it could be. So, before you start putting your exterior lighting up, here are three places that you should consider putting it.

Towards the Darkest Corners

One benefit of exterior lighting is that it can deter criminal activity. A person of criminal intent is unlikely to approach your well-lit home when they are unable to find any places to easily hide. This will be especially so if you make sure that any dark corners around your home are well lit by the placement of your exterior lighting overland park.

In Functional Areas

It is difficult to do activities when you can’t see things. If you’re walking around or doing sports, you may trip over something and injure yourself. If you’re hosting a family and/or friend gathering, your family and/or friends may not be able to see each other or, in the case of a barbecue, the food.  Having exterior lighting in activity areas will lessen this issue.

At Features You Want To Highlight

Exterior lighting can do a lot for the look of your home. Along with making it look friendly and inviting, it can also make certain architectural and decorative features of your home, such as statues or topiaries, stand out. Be sure to check around the internet for different ideas and trends on where to put your exterior lighting.

As you can see, exterior lighting can be very useful in and of itself, but it is even more useful when it is placed in beneficial areas. With the ideas above in mind, you should be well on your way to creating the perfect outdoor space.

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