Why PVC Is Great for Pipes

Polyvinyl Chloride is a plastic material that has been around since the 1870s. During this time, it has been adapted for use in a wide variety of products, including medical devices, flooring and footwear. However, this material is most known for its usage in pipes. The reason that PVC is so often used to make pipes has to do with some of its unique traits.

It Has Degradation Resistance

PVC, like most plastics, will not oxidize when it is exposed to water and other liquids. This means that pipes and other PVC products won’t form rust and start to crumble apart when they are immersed in liquids for long periods of time. This feature seems imperative for pipes as they are constantly exposed to the water that runs through them on a regular basis. This is one reason why using PVC for water services Corvallis OR is ideal.

It Has Hard and Thick Walls

PVC has a very thick and hard surface. This means that it can stand up to having a lot of weight placed on top of it. This is a useful trait for pipes to have. They are often placed deep underground. There, they have to deal with potentially heavy layers of dirt, rocks and other materials pressing down on top of them. PVC will not crack and deform under all of this weight and pressure. This means that PVC pipes have a much lower breakage rate than other types of pipes, including cast metal.

PVC pipes are an excellent choice in many instances. It’s a good idea to ask any contractors replacing or building water systems what type of pipes they are using before the project begins. Homeowners can expect that their PVC pipes will go a long time without needing any form of replacement or repair.

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