3 Simple Must-Do Projects Before Listing Your Home

Selling your home? If you haven’t taken some time to prepare your house to welcome prospective buyers, you’re actually leaving money on the table. Ensure the successful sale of your home by completing these three simple preparations before you list.

  1. Make Necessary Repairs

When you’re selling a house, you need to remember that the process isn’t over until the day that you close. Before you close, your house needs to pass a rigorous inspection and there are problems that will be up to you to fix. Make sure that your sale isn’t disrupted by making all necessary major repairs, including repairs to your heating system. Professional and reliable furnace repair in Signal Hill takes care of this worry for you so that you have no surprises on inspection day.

  1. Remove Excess Clutter

Did you know that your personal items around the house can actually delay the sale of a home? Clutter is a turnoff to homebuyers, and it keeps them from seeing the big picture of what’s great about your property. Remove clutter from every room of the house, including spaces you might think are just storage spaces. An organized, garage, attic or basement shows homebuyers that your house has plenty of space, which is a huge selling point.

  1. Perform a Deep Clean

Once you’ve decluttered the interior, you can focus on getting rid of any dirt and grime found throughout the house. The best thing you can do is to use baking soda during your cleaning efforts. Not only is it great for removing grime on surfaces in the kitchens and bathrooms, but it also sucks up odors from the carpet. Sprinkle it on, vacuum it up and enjoy instantly fresher carpets.

It’s easy to give your house a quick update prior to selling. By following the steps above, you give your property the best odds of moving quickly on the market.


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