Adding Years and Value to Your Property

We all want homes that stand the test of time and allow us to enjoy precious moments with the people we love. As we keep that in mind, let us explore four great tips to add longevity and increase the value of your property.

Ventilation Systems

When it comes to a house or apartment, few things are more important than the ventilation systems. This is especially true in areas with extreme weather and less than well-defined seasons. For instance, if you live in Phoenix or any other city in the state of Arizona, chances are you will experience some of the hottest temperatures in the country. Likewise, if you call upstate New York your home, winters can seem very long and unbearable.

As a result, proper upkeep of your ventilation is a must, not just for your property’s sake but also your own and that of your family. As a rule of thumb, you should have a service professional maintain your air-conditioning systems at least once a year. The same goes for central heating. After all, the last thing you want is to be stuck with no AC in the middle of a heatwave or freeze during a harsh winter because you can’t turn on your heater, and if you do, it doesn’t work.

Scanning for Structural Issues

In weaponry, defense systems, and tactical missions, a Kill Box is defined as a three-dimensional target area that facilitates joint weapons fire and gives the target the fewest chances of escape. It is by no means an exaggeration to say that a house with foundational problems is exactly that. It can collapse at a moment’s notice leaving the people inside in less than ideal circumstances.

But besides being a hazard to whoever goes inside, a property with structural issues is a giant red flag for potential buyers as well as a substantial decrease in value for those willing to take a chance.

As is common in most things, the signs of foundational trouble smart small. If you see that there are diagonal cracks on one of your walls, small gaps on your windows, or even doors that don’t open or close properly, it is definitely time to look into making changes.

Shades, Windows, and Doors

Along with water, sunlight is one of the most important energy sources and a vital ingredient to life. It comes as no surprise the biggest hero of all, Superman, gets his powers from exposure to the sun.

Of course, Superman is a fictional character, not a real human being. But that doesn’t deny the fact that the concept of solar energy is indeed true and valid. Plants need sunlight to bloom and grow strong. Animals and human beings use it to stay warm and brighten their emotions.

Yet, as the wise man once said, everything in moderation. Too much of anything, whether good or bad, will ultimately not yield the best results. If your house has too many windows, and they are neither tinted nor protected by curtains and shades, extreme heat coming from sunlight will slowly damage everything inside. It includes walls, furniture, and even appliances in your kitchen and living room.

Your House, Your Choice

We are all busy day in and day out. Whether we are single, married, engaged, or anything else, we all have responsibilities in life, things we need to do to help our families, deal with work, and maintain our relationships. We live in a time when human beings are occupied more than ever before, and competition is at its highest.

Hence, it is quite understandable that most of us don’t have the time to clean our houses daily, wash the dishes, do the laundry, and cut the grass outside. Yet, the house itself doesn’t care about this, and even if it cannot speak, it will certainly find its way to complain and make itself heard. It will grow older quicker. It will also wither and start showing signs of deterioration.

How often we clean and how much we maintain our homes is our decision to make. Luckily, there are tools to help us out and technology to make this process easier and more efficient.

Investing time in home maintenance is one of the best decisions we can make. Even if we are not planning to sell, a nice, well-kept house is a source of pride and happiness for those living inside.

Four ways to do it are taking care of your ventilation systems, scanning for structural problems and issues with the foundation, protecting your property from the elements, and making the decision to clean. These are simple, straightforward actions we can take to add years of life to our homes. And remember, the only ones who will benefit from doing them are us.

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