Avoiding the Factors that Can Make You Regret During a Move

You finally decided to widen your horizons, pursue a career change, and move into the city—a change of scenery—and you’ve finally decided to move. How do you make the experience less of a hassle and more of an adventure? What are some things you need to avoid to make your move smooth and fun? Be smart about it, and don’t do these things people regret when they move.

Failing to Plan

You know this famous saying from Benjamin Franklin: you’re planning to fail if you don’t make a plan. There is no need to have it figured all out on the onset, but you have to visualize at least a general system on how you’re going to make a move. Make sure to cover two key areas: when and how. When are you moving, and how are you planning to?

Ideally, you want to make a plan eight weeks before actually moving. This will give you enough opportunity to make a mind map of the steps you plan to take. This will also help you concretize these steps so that you don’t make significant changes in the last couple of days before the big move. Otherwise, you’re leaving yourself open to a lot of stress and misery.

Will you be hiring moving services, or are you planning to do this all on your own? Everyone has preferences, but it’s important to decide now because it will affect your budget. Do you want the benefits of having professionals do the work for you, or do you want to save? Think about it as you plan the big move.

Moving Without a Budget

One friendly reminder is to understand that moving might cost more than you think; this is why you need to set a budget. The benefits of budgeting are enormous. It ranges from giving you control of your finances to covering unexpected expenses that can pull on your pockets. So what are a few of the things you need to consider in the budget?

Perhaps the first thing you might think about when creating a budget is deciding whether you will hire professionals or make a move yourself. Professional movers are recommended because they have experience. You can trust that they will handle your heavy and fragile items with care. Some things that affect the price of such services include moving insurance and optional charges.

A do-it-yourself move isn’t exactly free, either. Without the help of professionals, you need to factor in a variety of things: truck rental, gas, additional insurance, and even equipment rental. Chances are you might end up shelling out more not only for the base expense of a DIY move but also for possible damages to your things—which brings us to the subsequent regret:

Forgoing Moving Insurance

Moving your possessions leave them open to risks of damage and theft. There are as many risks as there are ways of moving. What can you do to protect yourself and your items? Get moving insurance or cargo coverage, regardless of whether you’re hiring professionals or doing it yourself.

There is always a probability that there will be damage to your items during transport. You’ll never know when an accident can happen. What you do know is that a possibility exists, and you want to prepare for that.

What are the risks, anyway? There can be damage to your items because of the way they were packed. Sometimes, it can be an “act of God,” too. The good thing about having moving insurance is choosing between partial or full value protection. This might mean that you can get the value of the lost or damaged items, have them repaired, or receive a replacement.

Forgetting the Little Things

What are some of the most specific and most practical things people forget? One of the most common things that movers forget is the little ones. And usually, these are the things they fail to do the night before they make the big move. Here’s what they can be.

Remember to unplug your appliances. You may forget to unplug the refrigerator to allow it to defrost the night before. Otherwise, you might end up having a broken refrigerator in your new home, or maybe just a puddle you have to clean up after.

Don’t forget to remove the light bulbs from all the lamps that you intend to move. Remember, you don’t want to damage anything during packing and transport. You might also want to drain everything that can contain water, such as your washing machines or ice makers.

So are you ready to make the big move? Don’t be one of those who suffer while moving. To transform it into a new adventure, make sure you plan, budget, and invest in moving insurance.

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