Why It’s Important To Have Carpets Professionally Cleaned

Your carpets are meant to be fluffy and soft, and you want to keep them that way. However, sometimes life gets in the way, preventing you from vacuuming as much as you should. Although a quick cleaning makes rugs look better, it’s what you can’t see that’s the problem. Here are several reasons why it’s important to have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Eliminates Stains

Spills happen, but if you’ve dropped red wine, ink, chocolate or your pet had an accident, it’s almost impossible to remove the stain on your own. By scrubbing, you’ll destroy delicate fibers and your rug will never look the same. Experts in carpet maintenance Decatur GA know how to gently remove a blemish without leaving a trace.

Removes Allergens

At a microscopic level, carpets harbor a lot of things you’d rather not see. They trap pet dander, hair, bacteria and dust mites. Every time you walk across your rug, these molecules become airborne and make allergies unbearable. Professional cleaning removes allergens a vacuum can’t reach.

Prevents Odors

Due to spills, pet accidents and even humidity, carpets become damp and retain moisture. After a while, your rug becomes tacky and smelly. Covering the rug with a deodorizer only temporarily fixes the problem. Cleaning performed by experts removes stickiness and eliminates the offending odor.

Stays Eco-Friendly

If living green is important to you, professionals can clean your carpet using eco-friendly products. When you attempt deep-cleaning on your own, it’s hard to find quality products that don’t contain heavy chemicals. Environmentally-friendly professional cleaning is good for the environment and better for your health.

Makes the Entire House Look Clean

Properly caring for your carpets will keep them as luxurious as the day they were installed. Professional cleaning makes the entire house look sparkling clean. It also removes allergens, odors and is better for the environment.


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