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How To Spin the Wheel for Successfully Planning a School Carnival

To support operations, schools schedule both small and large fundraising events throughout the year. Many schools culminate these efforts by holding an all-grade spring carnival open to the public. If you are a parent volunteer leading a carnival committee for the first time, you may not know where to start. You can successfully pull off such a grand event by following this lesson plan.

Form a Committee

Every school has groups of parents looking for opportunities to get involved. Use the school’s communications channels to reach those parents: class newsletters, website news and notes sections, PTA gatherings, word-of-mouth or other reliable outreach methods.

Choose a Date

School calendars fill up early. Before you take any further steps, agree on a carnival date and get it scheduled on the all-school calendar.

Choose the Scope

Early on you need to decide how large a carnival the school should undertake. Include in your decision the types of attractions your property can accommodate, from rides to animal pens. You will need to work with the school’s business department to discuss insurance coverage. At this time, this planning will help you narrow your facility requirements, such as renting mobile restroom trailer amenities and hiring food service vendors.

Enlist Classrooms

No matter the scope of your event, you want to ensure classroom involvement to support the spirit of the event. Invite classroom teachers from elementary, middle and high school divisions to lead the charge. Every grade level should create an attraction or sponsor a booth. Teachers can sign up in time slots to monitor each booth.

Make It Safe

You want to make sure that the event feels secure. Make certain that the facilities team is on board to secure permits, help set up the show and manage electricity needs. Hire security teams or use those already employed by the school to monitor the event until it closes.

Planning a school carnival can be challenging but also thrilling. By getting everyone involved, you can ensure the event will be a barking success.


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