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Real Estate: Four Essential Tips Nobody Talks About

Anyone can picture their dream moment of going up to their brand new home and turning the key, it’s a goal most of us chase, however, the process to get to that moment terrifies us. The real estate market is full of twist and turns, so if you don’t know how to navigate it, the results might not be so pretty. We’re here to let you know that you’re not alone, therefore we have compiled four essential tips to make your journey into homeownership as smooth as possible and maybe just maybe save you a couple of thousands of dollars in the process.

Do your independent research from credible sources

Sometimes finding the perfect home might get us in trouble, in fact, it might cost you more in the long run. House shopping does not only entail the home and if you like it or not, it includes Home association fees, zoning restrictions and many more. In addition, your friends are not real estate experts, then their opinions do not matter as much as you love them. Always’ make sure to find credible sources, like your local city hall for a list of zoning restrictions or a history of the home.

Know exactly what you want

Most homeowners have a ready to go list of all the things they want and need in a home, however, we strongly urge you to double check your list after your excitement has simmered down. For example, wanting a large backyard because you want to host BBQ’s and parties might sound good right now, but the reality is that you might not want to me mowing and doing landscaping every single weekend. Now, by no means do we say to see everything as work and not pick a home with these perks, but being able to pick and choose what to have or not have will allow you to enjoy your future home just a little better. When you know what you want and see it, now the issue is selling your current home as fast as possible. Sometimes companies will purchase your home with a huge cash offer, which is both beneficial for you and them.

Don’t play with your credit score during this time

Most people pride themselves in going into the market with a high credit score, which is good, you should work towards having a high credit score before asking for a loan. The problem arises when buyers go into escrow and then turn around to buy a new car or a big purchase furnishing the whole house. Escrow is not set in stone and playing with your credit score can affect the process. Unless you are offering a cash offer we again advice you on not risk it during this time.

Become a team with your agent

I get it, most people don’t know a thing about real estate and it’s totally understandable, but having your agent do all the work is not the ideal relationship you should have with them. I remind you, they are real estate agents, not mind readers, so having an open communication is key to obtaining the best results. Of course, an agent is there to make your life easier by dealing with owners and those pesky legal documents, but you can always share your two cents with them. In the end, they want the best for you, because if you win they win.

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