4 Questions for Installing Soaker Hose Drip Irrigation Systems

Gardening can be fun, but few gardeners will deny that manual watering takes time away from more enjoyable aspects of the hobby. For this reason, many people turn to different kinds of irrigation systems Roseville CA to meet their watering needs. For those with small and medium sized gardens, soaker hose drip irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular. Here are answers to four common questions about installing them.

  1. Where Do I Install the Soaker Hose?

One of the best ways to know where place a soaker hose is by experimenting. Try a couple different hoses and snake them through the garden under the mulch and between the shrubs to see what works best. If plants are not getting enough water, you can always make adjustments to placement.

  1. How Do I Reduce Water Pressure?

To limit water pressure, most soaker hoses have a plastic pressure regulator. If for some reason yours does not, you can purchase one separately at a local hardware store. If you are in a pinch, you can also just turn the faucet on low.

  1. How Do I Space Soaker Hoses?

For plants that require more moisture, create an additional loop with the hose so that it surrounds them twice. For all other plants, double looping is unnecessary. Instead, you should simply place hoses about 2 feet apart if you are working with clay soil, or 1 foot apart for sandy soil.

  1. When Should I Use Other Drip Irrigation Systems?

While soaker hose drip irrigation systems can provide an excellent solution for many gardening enthusiasts, there are other drip systems that may work better. It all comes down to your garden’s needs. For example, those who have large garden containers with trees and oversized shrubs will probably find more sophisticated drip solutions to be more effective.

When it comes to watering, it does not have to be difficult or time consuming. Soaker hose drip irrigation systems are a great way to address the needs of small and medium sized gardens while giving your more time for the fun aspects of gardening.


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