5 Essentials for Your Construction Site

If you’re wondering what you need on a new construction site or what you can do to make an existing one a safer and more efficient workplace, here is a list of essentials to keep everything humming along nicely.


Speaking of humming, you’re going to want to look into generator rental Grain Valley MO especially if there isn’t a power source on-site to tie into. What sort of tools you are using will determine your power requirement, so keep those in mind when picking one out.

Safety Preparation

This doesn’t just include gear like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, hard hats and harnesses. You will need to perform risk assessments as well as keep a log of worksite accidents. Having a health and safety policy to guide you when they happen is also essential.


The size of your site and the materials you are using will determine what vehicles make the most sense for your job. Whether you need just a pickup, a crane or a backhoe loader is up to your discretion, but you should also have lighter equipment such as wheelbarrows to make hauling materials easier on your crew’s backs and joints.

Elevated Work Platform

If you’re working on a multiple-story building, chances are you’re going to need to at least put up some scaffolding for your crew to maneuver while they’re working on the exterior. Other options to consider are cherry pickers for smaller, yet higher, projects and scissor lifts, which can provide more security and stability than scaffolding.


You can’t just eyeball it and call it good. A lot of planning has to go into your project. You have to apply for permits, draft up blueprints and a construction plan, make a record of your crew’s certifications and training, as well as keep track of surveys. Without any of that, you’re liable to be shut down or to make easily avoidable accidents.

No matter how experienced you are, remember: safety first.

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