8 Typical Problems That Arise with Home Ownership

Owning a home is a huge responsibility. It takes more than just holding down a job and making monthly payments on your mortgage. A lot of younger adults think that you only need to have a good 9-to-5 job to be a homeowner. While that is an important aspect of homeownership, it’s only a small part of it. You need to think about your monthly payments on mortgage and utilities, such as electric, water, and heating bills. And then there’s home maintenance.

Even if you buy a brand new house, eventually, you will have to think of its maintenance. As the years go by, your property will gradually accumulate wear and tear that will devalue and deface your once pristine property. Some maintenance tasks can be easily DIYed such as replacing busted bulbs or repainting a room. Others will need a professional appliance repairman to come over to check the malfunctioning appliances.

These are just some of the things that homeowners need to think of and plan for to keep their houses in tip-top shape.

When it comes to home maintenance concerns, the following list contains the most common things that homeowners need to deal with.

  1. Poor drainage system

One of the top home maintenance issues that keep coming up in any list is poor drainage. A lot of home inspectors can attest to this. The improvement of a drainage system can be done by regular cleaning and unclogging of drains, gutters, and downspouts. Worst-case scenario, you might need to replace your gutters and downspouts.

  1. Leaky roof

The typical causes of roof leaks are improper flashing or old and dilapidated shingles. You can fix shingles and flashing yourself since they are inexpensive and can be easily done. However, if the roof is quite old, prepare to shell out a large amount of cash to have large sections of your roof or all of it to be replaced.

  1. Faulty wirings

Older homes have a greater tendency to have faulty wiring, although newer ones aren’t spared from this, especially if it has subpar workmanship. When you encounter some faulty wiring in your home, call for an electrician immediately to have it fixed as it can be a potential hazard.

  1. Dangerous heating system

Heating systems that are old or poorly maintained can be harmful to your health and safety. Furnace repairs and replacement can be expensive but consider it an investment to your health and not an expense. Understandably, newer furnaces are more energy-efficient. If your older system is not electrical, consider installing carbon monoxide detectors around your home.

  1. Structural damages

Structural damages, whether they’re major or minor, are serious issues that should be dealt with immediately. It’s not like chipped paint that can be somehow ignored if you’re not easily annoyed by it. Different factors compromise a house’s structural integrity, from water seeping into the foundation to cracks caused by weaker but frequent earthquakes. Regardless of the reason, these should be looked into with urgency so things don’t escalate and cause serious damages.

  1. Deteriorating plumbing system

Plumbing systems are another common home maintenance issue most inspectors detect. It may involve faulty fixtures, leaks, or older materials that need to be replaced. Depending on the degree of the problem, the solutions can either be as inexpensive and simple as fixture replacement or something drastic and expensive as updating the entire system.

  1. Drafts and water leaks around doors and windows

If you notice that there are unusual drafts or water leaks in certain areas around the house, particularly, around windows and doors, don’t fret. It is very unlikely that it is a structural issue but rather just a simple matter of recaulking and weather strippingThis is a relatively cheap and easy project to DIY.

  1. Inadequate ventilation

The air quality inside homes is affected by how they are ventilated. A well-ventilated house is more likely to have a healthier indoor environment compared to a poorly ventilated one. Inadequate ventilation can result in excess moisture that can affect a house’s structural integrity, result in respiratory problems, and unpleasant overall odor.

Proper home maintenance keeps your house in great shape and prevents great damages from taking place. It helps keep your property’s value as high as it can be and gives homeowners some sense of pride for having such a well-kept home. If you see anything around the property that needs immediate attention, take action at the soonest possible time and don’t procrastinate.

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