Easy Ways to Lower Your Electric Bill

It can be disheartening to work all week long just for your entire check to go to bills. Often, an electric bill is one that takes a good chunk of income. It’s also one that can be lowered with some work. The following are just a few ways to get started.

Call in the Pros

Did you know that heating and cooling your home can account for around 55 percent of your energy usage? Oddly enough, a big chunk of that use is due to your heat or air escaping and outdoor heat and air entering.

This all leads to your heat and air working even harder, but you can put a stop to it. Calling in professionals to check your insulation and provide air sealing can significantly impact your usage.

Check Your Seals

You’ll also want to check seals around your windows and doors so your heat and air can’t escape through these cracks. And while you’re checking seals, check your refrigerator door seals. If the refrigerator air is able to get out, the motor has to work even harder – further increasing your energy bills.

Work On Your Habits

Sometimes, your habits can cost you more than you know. For instance, taking long, hot showers can feel great, but it can also run up your power bill. Try cutting your showers down by half the time. Save your long showers as a weekly or monthly treat. And take the time to consider other habits to identify areas where you can cut down.

Consider a New Shower Head

Likewise, you could invest in a different showerhead. Choosing an energy-efficient shower head can help lower the amount of hot water you use throughout the shower.

These are just a few ways to get started saving electricity. However, if you focus on these in the beginning, you should notice a major change in your bill every month.

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