Tips for Finding Plating Tanks

Tanks are used throughout the plating and polishing process. Each manufacturer that undertakes this task needs to meet the unique requirements of their products. Choosing the correct tanks is crucial to achieving success when plating. Here are some tips to help you select the right tanks for your business.

Consider Chemicals, Temperatures and Electrical Insulation

Each step in the plating process has certain requirements for chemicals, temperatures, and electrical insulation, and different plating tanks possess particular capabilities. For instance, some tanks can only be used for acidic chemicals while others work best with alkaline solutions. To get the best results, think about how the chemicals you use interact with your tank’s finish. If you use corrosive chemicals, look for a rust-resistant finish. Meanwhile, high temperatures demand that you choose a tank that can withstand the heat. If you use electroplating, look for a tank that is insulated against the electrical current.

Know Your Plastics

Electroplating and high-temperature processes often use plastic tanks. However, there are several types of plastics, and you need to know the difference to choose the right one. Polypropylene is the most common plastic for metal finishing tanks because it is cheap, durable and visually appealing. It is great at handling neutral, acidic and alkaline solutions. However, you will need another type of plastic for chrome or nitric processes.

Look for a Liner

Some plating tanks are lined with Kynar, PVC or Teflon. These have synthetic material bonded to the inside walls. With a lined tank, you don’t need to find a bag or molded liner that fits or to worry about leaks. PVC tends to be the most popular for most plating jobs. If you’re using chrome and fluorides that require high temperatures, you should look for a tank with a Kynar or Teflon liner.

Choosing the proper tank for your plating process can be challenging. By following these tips, you can select the best tank for your business.


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