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To Sell a Home Quickly

Is it possible to sell a property like a house quickly? Maybe it’s a house that’s unused, or you’re tired of paying the taxes, or perhaps selling your home can help you out financially. Do you want to raise some quick cash by contacting a fast house buying service? We’ve all seen the signs advertising cash for houses, and they may seem too good to be true, promising a quick hassle-free sale. The promise of getting money out of a property painlessly is overpowering, but what are the odds that this kind of transaction could work out?

Let’s face it: Selling a property can get pretty involved. Wikipedia’s article “Real Estate Transaction” paints a fascinating picture of the process: A Realtor is first contacted. Signs are put up outside your house. A price is settled on, and the house gets on multiple listings. You should find buyers, supposedly, depending on how much interest your house generates. After an offer is accepted, the buyers start searching for financing. This step may also involve a bidding process, and a serious buyer who wins the bid may then set up an escrow account as a requirement. Inspectors produce disclosure reports before a contract can be ratified, and so on.

To assume that the day you put your house up for sale is the day your first buyers wander in might depend on market conditions. It may take weeks just to generate interest. What if you could skip all that and sell your house to an experienced buyer who would close within hours of getting your phone call? Yeah, you might take a hit on the value of the house, but houses appreciate over time. The cash offer you get may not discourage you. You may not realize how much equity your home has today, for instance, and that’s a determining factor. The offer might be high enough. You may be surprised at the speed of the turn-around.

When you see a sign that says “we buy houses“, what can you expect? First and foremost, your home will sell quickly. Cash offers cut out the middle person’s tasks like financing, investigating titles and putting your listing before prospective buyers. These are listed in the Advantages of Fast Cash Buyers in Bankrate’s article “Sell your house to a Fast Cash Biz.” Secondly, house buying services are small businesses, and that means more attention will be given to you and more effort serving your needs.

The time between making that phone call and getting an offer is just hours: Between 24- and 48-hours generally. Forget about staging your house. You don’t even need to clean it out. They buy it as is.

This type of house sale particularly appeals to home-owners who are behind in payments and see foreclosure on their horizon. People who buy homes for cash know all about financial woe and home-ownership and can offer tips and advice on how to best fix the situation. A cash-for-houses business can also help out people dealing with medical bills or who find themselves in the middle of a divorce. It’s likely you can sell your house quickly to a cash-for-houses service, but as with any major transaction, it’s important to do your homework.

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