Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Kitchen remodel is a sizable investment. Therefore, homeowners need to make smart decisions regarding what kind of design they want and how much money they are willing to spend.

Keep it simple

Many homeowners think that the kitchen is the best place to showcase their design skills and try complex patterns and layouts. However, it is recommended not to make things too complicated because this can make a kitchen appear dated and crowded. Instead, keep things simple and balanced with clean lines and classic finishes.

Installing cabinets with simple designs is also a smart decision because everyone typically thinks of when they think of kitchen cabinets. Experts recommend investing in quality over quantity. This means that it might be better to spend more money on custom cabinets brands than buying something cheap and spending more money later trying to fix the problem.


Choosing the right color scheme or paint for walls and cabinets will help give the illusion of spaciousness while making the room feel warm and cohesive. Countertops should be darker than walls, while appliances should contrast with walls, cabinets, and countertops.

For example, white appliances stand out against a dark backsplash, while light walls help the room feel airy and bright. Avoid primary colors because they can be visually busy, especially large floor tiles or colorful fixtures in the kitchen.

Door, window, and pendant lights

Doors, windows, and pendant lights are important features to consider when planning a kitchen remodel. Lights can make or break the space, so homeowners need to decide what lighting would help them carry out certain tasks in different areas of their kitchen.

For example, if someone spends most of their time cooking over the stove, they might want to invest in overhead lighting that illuminates the area around the stove. If someone needs more task-specific lighting, they can choose under-cabinet LED strips or puck lights for countertops. Pendants are also great because they hang above workspaces.


Flooring plays a big role in taking up space or making it feel airier, so homeowners should choose these items carefully. Tile floors are easy to clean and stand out, but they may not be as durable as other materials such as wood. On the other hand, natural stone is very durable, but it can be pricey compared to ceramic tile flooring.

Laminate and vinyl flooring might work for renters or those on a budget because they are inexpensive options that do not require much maintenance. As for cabinet hardware, experts recommend choosing something simple like brushed nickel pulls because they coordinate with most design styles, including modern, transitional, and traditional.


Modern kitchens are sleek and streamlined, featuring minimal cabinets with clean lines. They typically include open shelves or glass fronts that are easy to clean. Appliances are typically stainless steel, black, and white stone countertops.

Traditional styles tend to resemble the farmhouses of yesteryear. These homes feature wood cabinetry with rounded edges, antique brass hardware, and exposed hinges. Wood floors are popular in these spaces. However, over time they may become warped or scratched because of high traffic areas in the kitchen.

Modern kitchens typically feature clean lines and geometric shapes. These include recessed lighting, open shelving, and sleek appliances. Transitional kitchens go back and forth between modern and traditional styles because they usually incorporate contemporary features such as sleek hardware with classic cabinets that sometimes feature crown molding or wainscoting.

Kitchen remodels are expensive projects but making smart decisions can help make the renovation process easier and more effective. By keeping things simple, choosing quality over quantity, and selecting the right colors, appliances, and lighting, homeowners can end up with a functional home that looks fantastic.

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