The Right Amenities for a Bathroom

Most of the time, people relate a hotel or a home with the type of amenities present. Some amenities like soap and towels are basic that every bathroom should have. Other bathroom essentials include a shower curtain, toilet bowl cleaner, storage, trash, and Poo-Pourri. Getting a favorable steam shower kit will offer flexibility. Building a steam shower is not easy, and one should ensure that professionals are hired to install it.

Extraordinary amenities that bathrooms have for a luxury living are:

  • A thermostatic valvecontrols the volume and temperature, allowing one to choose between a cold or hot shower.
  • Humidistat can set the humidity level at their level. Additionally, it helps in handling moisture which could mess with the paintings and other finishing.
  • Dimmer switches. Needing the light in the bathroom when need be is priceless. A dimmer switch can add 25 dollars to your budget, but it could be more for excellent switching systems.
  • Handheld showerhead.The significant advantage of this feature is that it is easy to clean the shower stall. Though the pivoting heads and hoses can be weird, combining the main showerhead and the handheld one can give one the spa experience.
  • Shower niche as a footrest.Women especially enjoy these features as they can shave their legs while showering. Additionally, the remnants of the cornerstones are used to make shower shelves inserted inside, and one of the shelves can act as a footrest.
  • Fancy commodes.More residential homes have bidet-style toilets and urinals. Bathrooms have accouterments such as multiple settings for water, heated seats, and seats that automatically close and open. It is vital to check the water supply and the local plumbing codes before installing one.

Other luxury bathroom amenities include; epoxy grout, hard-wired make-up mirror, hidden outlets, and electric floor heating. The cost of installation of these amenities depends on various factors, such as electrical and plumbing expenses. Also, the size of the bathroom matters. It is essential to choose the right amenities with the help of professionals. The advantages of choosing the right bathroom amenities are:

  • Hygiene
  • Comfort
  • Good customer satisfaction
  • Good customer experience
  • Solitude

For commercial purposes like hotels, some amenities like soaps and moisturizers may have anti-aging benefits. In the luxury space, management is vital in choosing high-end amenities as it aligns with the brand. For example, the type of soaps placed in the hotel rooms does say a lot about the value of the hotel. Moreover, the hotel management seeks brand alignment that has gender neutrality. Not only unisex but also brands must have a broad appeal.

Additionally, the bathroom carries many bacteria, and it is crucial to clean and disinfect at least once a week. Depending on how often one shower, the bathtub should be disinfected twice a week and the toilet and sink once a week. The bathroom experience can change the whole mood. Unfortunately, some suicide and murder cases keep being reported in the bathroom spaces. The bathroom space keeps evolving. The amenities chosen must be environmentally friendly.


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