Protecting Your Home From Intruders

There is no way to know when someone will attempt to break into your home or what method they will employ. However, you can make sure your home isn’t an easy and open target for intruders if you follow these four security measures.


If you recently lost your keys or had a roommate move out, change the locks. With a call to a local locksmith Minneapolis MN, you can increase your home’s security and keep possible intruders at bay. Also, make sure you don’t hide a key to your new locks under a rock, flower pot, or doormat. Burglars know all about those tricks.


If you want to protect your home or apartment at night, turn on the lights. By lighting up the surrounding landscape, you are taking away the dark that burglars love to hide within. If you have bushes in front of your windows, shine lights towards the area to prevent intruders from spending time breaking in while hidden.


Some windows are unsecured entry points because they can be lifted out of their tracks and opened up. Some sliding glass doors have the same problem. Tiny security locks that fit into your window’s tracks or secure window bracing bars are great options in preventing any unwanted window movements.


Security sensors are one of the best protection solutions available. Options the sensors use can include motion detectors that turn on lights, send screeching warning alarms, or notify your phone about security issues. The sensors can also use a camera that provides real-time information that can be recorded if you need to inform the police.

Home security is essential when you want to feel safe and secure within the walls of your house. Using the four tips above can help you protect your home from possible intruders – and that is worth all the effort.


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