3 Areas To Clean Up Before You List Your House

If you have ever shopped for homes, then you’ve probably noticed that some homeowners go all out with cleaning and staging, and others do completely nothing. It’s hard to say how much preparation is worth the time and money. Your real estate agent will likely have suggestions for what buyers expect in your area.  Here are three places that all sellers should have clean and organized before their house goes on the market.

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom usually collects all the items that don’t fit anywhere else. If a buyer sees a cluttered bedroom piled with clothes, papers and pet supplies, then they’ll assume there’s a lack of storage in the house. The master bedroom is also the place where potential buyers will sleep. You want it to feel inviting and relaxing. Therefore, cleaning out this particular room will make a huge difference. Pack up anything that you will not need and take it to a storage unit. Climate controlled storage Kansas City units are great for artwork, old furniture or important documents.


When homebuyers look online for houses, the exterior picture is the first one they will see. That first impression is an important marketing tool. If the outside of the house is well maintained, it shows that you care about the property.

Make sure the grass is cut and the landscaping is free from weeds and debris. Powerwash the house, or at least the front entry area, and maybe repaint the doors and shutters. These cheap easy improvements will give the home better curb appeal and drive more people to your listing.


It is widely accepted that a beautiful kitchen can sell a house. Kitchens are the heart of a home. To make this room shine, clear off the countertops as much as you can and give it a fresh coat of paint. Update old lighting fixtures if you can. Any improvements to the appearance and functionality of this room will pay off in the end.


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