Make a Plan For Your Perfect Boat Dock

A cool, fresh breeze. The sound of the water lapping on the side of the boat. The sun rising on a new day or setting after a day on the water. A day on the water is where the best memories are made.

And memories that last a lifetime are what boat owners are looking for, right?

While spending your time on the water and making these memories may be your end goal, most know there are also a few logistics that must be planned out for any boat owner. One of the most important is how and where you will dock your boat.

When looking to build your own dock, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Dock Design

When considering which design will work best, think about all you’d like your palm beach county docks to accomplish. How big is the boat to be docked? This will determine the size and design of the dock. Do you plan to use the dock for gathering or eating? You may want to account for more room on the dock to account for this. Are there municipal codes or permits you need to adhere to?

Dock Height and Foundation

The height of your dock will not only determine the lifespan of your dock, but it may also affect the use of the dock. A dock that is too submerged in the water will not last as long. However, if your dock is too high it may make it hard to get in and out of your boat safely, and will surely make things tricky for swimmers. You should look to place the beams just a couple of inches above the maximum waterline.

Although your dock will take some planning now, this planning will help ensure many happy memories to come.


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