The Sutter Buttes Real Estate Tricks: Buying a First Home

Buying a home is one of the most critical moments of your life. At the same time, it is the most significant expense you will make. You should research and choose the best option based on your chances.

Although its size, number of rooms, the condition of the yard, and size of the kitchen is crucial for determining the dream home, you should consider other factors before making up your mind. The most crucial factor is to decide the best location for your situation. It is vital to enter here to learn everything about buying a first household.

You can change everything else but cannot change the address and location. Therefore, when you hunt for a house, you should check out its proximity to a school, work, accessibility, noise, traffic, and the way it is situated on the lot. At the same time, you should determine the distance between public transportation, shopping areas, and parks.

We can differentiate other factors you should consider when choosing a new household.

1.The Site

Apart from location, it would be best to look at your home’s site. If it is on a hill, you should check whether it comes with a view, many climbing stairs, a walkout basement, and many other characteristics.

The yard should be suitable for children, pets, and other uses you enjoy including landscaping, gardening, and many more. Besides, check out whether neighbors’ windows look directly inside your home. You do not wish anyone to peek around and affect your privacy.

Property access should be safe regarding driveway elevation and stairs to the front door. If you plan to stay long-term, you should consider accessibility since you will age.


You should make sure that the neighborhood meets your requirements and expectations. The best way to research a neighborhood is by driving around on weekends and weekdays, both evenings and days.

That way, you can see if the neighborhood features consistent characteristics and sizes. Besides, neighbors should keep their yards tidy and clean because cluttered trash can affect your enjoyment.

Finally, choosing a safe neighborhood where you can jog, run, walk, and drive a bike without thinking about security issues would be best. Of course, it should be a child- and pet-friendly, especially if it is a family move.

3.Curb Appeal

The home should reflect your lifestyle and design preferences. Some people enjoy laid-back life, meaning they do not always want to maintain their exterior. Therefore, you should avoid Tudor and Victorian-style homes with numerous features you should handle along the way.

Instead, the best course of action should be a brick home, especially if you are searching for simplicity and convenience. As soon as you ask yourself whether the patios and roof are in perfect condition, you can determine if you should buy them. We recommend you find a professional inspector to determine potential issues before buying.

You should also check out the yard and landscaping because keeping the clear lawn and bushes requires regular maintenance. Real estate is lucrative business, which is why you should learn about flipping homes on this site: for additional info.

4.Floor Plan and Size

You do not wish to choose a home based on its size and unique features, such as a sauna, especially if you will never use the extra space. That is why you should determine the best home size for your family, meaning an ideal floor plan, before hunting. That will help you narrow your search and choose based on your preferences.

Remember that extra square footage can offer you a home gym, craft room, theater room, and other places you have always wanted. However, larger homes are more challenging to heat up or cool down, meaning you will pay higher bills and taxes. At the same time, you will need more furniture to fill the home and extra effort to keep it clean.

Therefore, you should realistically consider the layout and space you need for a lifestyle based on your family’s criteria.

5.Bathrooms and Bedrooms

Another important consideration is ensuring you get the many bathrooms and bedrooms you need. Although it is normal for people to connect themselves with charming and cozy cottage without too many square feet. Therefore, you should check out homes that fit the criteria you wanted.

However, it would help if you did not assume that you could add square footage in the future. Instead, you should consult a professional architect who can advise you on potential reconstruction based on city regulations, lot usage, and space planning.

You should consider who will live in your home in the future, not just today. That should be the critical deciding factor. Therefore, if you want to have kids, you should get an area where you can settle them.


You have probably heard a saying that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Most people think that remodeling is simple, but you should know that it is time-consuming and expensive altogether. That is why you should avoid settling for the unappealing one. You can find numerous homes for sale Sutter Buttes, which will provide you peace of mind.

Of course, you should remodel and get new appliances at some point. However, the worst thing you can do is buy a home and remodel it immediately. Instead, you should choose the one that features your dream kitchen because it is the area you will spend plenty of time.

Of course, if it requires only minor upgrades, such as getting the latest appliances, you should consider it. Everything depends on your budget. It is as simple as that.

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