The Best Way to Construct a Long-Lasting Shed Foundation

Outdoor sheds are incredibly useful. They provide ample and convenient space for storing garden equipment, pet food, old bicycles and anything else that can’t fit in your garage. In some cases, people go to their outdoor sheds to relax and meditate. So, whatever way you use your outdoor Shed, it needs to be constructed properly to keep your valuables in perfect condition.

Just like when you are building your house, any mistakes you make while constructing your new outdoor shed will come to bite you down the line. The outdoor shed needs to be upright and level; otherwise, you will find it challenging to fix the panels and the screw holes. Similarly, the shed foundation should be strong enough. A weak shed pad can compromise the structural integrity of your outdoor shed.

Choosing the Right Location for Your New Shed

Choosing a perfect location for your outdoor shed is critical during shed construction. Firstly, you should choose a location where the ground is level. This way, you won’t incur the cost of digging out a flat terrace. Furthermore, sheds need to be constructed away damp areas, or places where you store foliage and damp vegetation. If you consider adding electrical supply to your outdoor shed, then it will also be an important factor to consider when choosing the appropriate location.

Types of Shed Foundations

Shed foundation are not equal; some are stronger than others. They type of shed base that you choose depends on what stuff you want to store in the shed and the number of resources you allocate for the project. A stone shed pad comprises of clean crushed stone that is spread over a level site with a border of stone placed around the shed. This shed pad is suitable for small sheds where you don’t intend to store heavy and bulky items. These sheds come in a wide range of styles as seen in stone shed pad photos. A concrete shed base is the most suitable foundation for large and permanent sheds. It lasts longer, but it is fairly expensive and labor intensive when compared to stone foundation.

Choosing the Best Shed Base Foundation

No one would want to build their home on a weak foundation; well the same rule applies to an outdoor shed. As highlighted earlier, sheds require to be constructed on a strong base. It is also wise to note that you don’t need a solid foundation to build a shed. However, sheds built this way will easily succumb to external elements, thus exposing your valuables to damage.

Another important point to note is that placing wood directly to the ground when constructing an outdoor shed is a bad idea. With time, moisture will penetrate the timber causing the wood to rot. Rotting may not happen overnight, but with time, your shed may obey the law of gravity.

Shed base foundations are important because they help your shed to last long while preventing decay from soil backlash and rain. The foundation also helps to prevent your shed from sinking into the ground, when the weight becomes too much. Also, they can deter rodents and other pests from damaging your valuables.


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